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Do you want to know what your children’s are doing online when you are away from home? Do you want to know what your employees are doing behind your back? Now get rid of all your concerns, Keylogger software will do this for you! Keylogger software is able to find out each key pressed on your PC everywhere at home or in office when you are away. Easy to use and feature-rich monitoring software provides complete details of everything that was typed on your PC.

Price : $45
Keylogger Software

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Why Keylogger Software?

Records all keyboard typing activities : Best PC monitoring tool secretly traces and records every keyboard character typed by user on your PC in hidden manner. Keylogger program lets you see exactly what was typed, where it was typed and in what language without getting noticed by current user.

Records chat conversation details : Records all typed chat conversations and instant messages details on Gmail chat, Yahoo messenger, AIM, MSN messenger etc in log files to provide you clear view of conversation that takes place on your PC with date and time of each session to find out your children’s or spouse online chatting activities.

Records typed Website URL's details : What your children’s or employees are searching online on Yahoo, Google etc instead of studying? Are your employees wasting time in searching unofficial things when they are supposed to do work? Invisible key logger helps you to find out other users searching habits by keeping record of all typed website url’s along with detailed report of accessed time, name and title of websites.

Read every sent email : Keystroke recorder automatically records every e-mail sent with major email program such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc from monitored computer. Now it’s very easy to get every detail of PC user activity.

Software Features
  • Monitoring tool will run invisibly and not appear in Desktop items, Startup Menu, Program files and even from installation folder path hence no one can access the software excepting system owner.
  • Software runs automatically when PC is started by enabling “Run at Window Startup” option to keep eye on external users activities from first to last character typed on PC without getting noticed by anyone.
  • Password protected PC activity monitoring utility restricts external users to read the log files or modifying the software settings, since only the authorized user can access the recordings.
  • Recorded keystrokes log can be easily send to specified e-mail address which allows viewing logs from distant location to get detailed report of all user activities without touching monitored PC.
  • Software can be easily accessible by setting Hot key combination (like F4, ShifT+Alt keys) and Run command feature (such as PCDM) of your choice while running in complete stealth mode.
  • Generate reports of recorded logs in txt or html formats with selected date range to inform you about all keystrokes made by users in your absence.