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Advanced Keylogger software allows you to secretly monitor everything that happens on your PC and over internet, no matter whether it is keystrokes, clipboard activities, voice chat conversations, launched programs and also captures Windows screenshots. PC monitoring tool is the best way to find out what other users are doing on your PC without being exposed, so now every detail is just a click away from you.

Price : $49
Keylogger Software - Professional

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Why Keylogger Software?

Records all keyboard typing activities : Record each key board character including special keys (Alt, Shift, Ctrl, Tab etc) pressed in different applications like MS Word, e-mails, data spreadsheet, internet browser or in any other program on your PC and saves the details in hidden log file.

Records clipboard (copy-paste) activities : Easily trace and record clipboard copy-paste operations performed by user along with Window title and the data which is copied from one application to another on your PC.

Records system sounds and Voice chat conversations : Secretly record voice chat conversations made on major programs including (Yahoo messenger, Gmail, Skype etc) over internet and also notify you if system sound settings are modified by any user.

Records information of applications that are run on the PC : Easily records every application run or accessed on your PC in your absence. Provide complete details of every accessed program along with window title, access time and the text typed in the application which keeps you up to date about each user PC activities.

Records change in system date and time : Save all changes made in system date and time settings by any user with complete details of old time and modified time of your computer system.