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Customer's Asked Queries

Customer's Asked Queries

Do Keylogger software monitors user activities in hidden mode?

Ans- Yes, Key logger software runs invisibly in your PC and remains hidden in Desktop items, Program files, Startup menu, installation folder path, so that no one except you could find the software installation.

Can I get the recorded activity logs without being physically present in front of monitored PC?

Ans- Of course! Keylogger software will mail you all user activity reports on specified e-mail address at regular interval of time as well as advance keylogger also facilitates to upload the logs via FTP server settings to let you check PC activities without having access to it.

How do I access the Keylogger if running in hidden mode?

Ans- Keylogger can be easily accessible by using Hot key or Run command settings while running in hidden mode.

Does the Keylogger software is password protected?

Ans- Yes, Keylogger software is fully password protected utility, hence only authorized user can view the logs or access software settings.

What is the difference between Keylogger and Advance Keylogger software?

Ans- Keylogger software helps to capture every single keystroke typed on your PC in any application with option to send the recorded logs at specified e-mail address.

On the other hand Advance keylogger logs overall PC activities including keystrokes, clipboard activities, voice chat conversations that can be e-mailed or uploaded via FTP server settings.

What are the major usage areas of Keylogger software?

Ans- Keylogger software is useful in various application areas including:

  • Personal monitoring
  • Employee monitoring
  • Parental monitoring
  • Schools and colleges and many more.