Keylogger Free


What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is basically a diagnostic tool used to capture and record keystrokes typed by users on PC or Laptop-Desktop system without getting noticed by them. Such keystroke recorders are very useful for personal monitoring, parental monitoring, law enforcement, employee monitoring and for other various PC activity monitoring purposes. There are various keystroke logging methods available in market ranging from hardware devices (small plug-in device connected to PC) to software keylogger (programs installed on PC).
Keylogger software helps system owners to record everything that was typed by users whether it is keyboard characters, chat messages, website url’s, accessed or launched applications or anything else entered on PC in log files. So, if you are thinking that your computer is being misused by others and you want to find out what was going on your PC in your absence then try our Keylogger to get rid of all worries. Keylogger software with all advanced features is best and cost-effective solution to all computer monitoring problems, hence it is well suited for home as well as office users.

Why you need Keylogger?

Do you want to know what your children’s are doing on PC behind your back? Are they chatting online with strangers or searching websites they are not supposed to do? Do all your employees use PC resources and internet for office work? In other words, do you want to know how your PC is being used by others when you are away? Stopping anyone from accessing computer or allowing using it in your presence is not a good solution. Now no need to look further Keylogger is all-in-one solution for all PC users to solve their user activity monitoring problems.
Such monitoring software traces PC user activity and saves the detailed report in log files so that system owner can later check it out and make conclusions. Keylogger program lets you know what applications were used on monitored computer, visited websites, typed keyboard characters, chatting details and many more. Powerful PC monitoring tool is best way to trace and record each keystroke made by user and is equally fit for professional and private use. Keylogger program exactly meets the needs of every PC owner who want to monitor other user online-offline activities.